DNA Sanitary Hardware

  • Stainless Steel Floor Strainers with Feet / Bottom Covered
  • Stainless Steel Floor Strainers
  • Stainless Steel Stink Prevention Floor Drains with Plastic Trap
  • DNA G.I Pipe Clamp
  • DNA G.I Pipe Hanger
Syfonic Roof Drainage Systems

  • Gutter design, sizing and expansion joints
  • Computer aided design drawing & computation
  • Overflow requirement and design
  • Syfonic piping layout
  • Pipe sizing and flow rates

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Syfon-Systems-SS-RC-Inlet-(Railed-side)  Syfon-Systems-SS-Car-Park-InletSyfon-Systems-SS-Podium-Grating-&-Syfonic-Inlet-1
SpanBridge Doors

  • coustic doors
  • Solid timber doors & windows
  • Eneer wrapped engineered doors and frames
  • Water resistant doors
  • ivot and pocket doors
  • i-Fold doors
  • ull glass doors
  • liding doors
  • Fire rated doors (½hr & 1hr) PSB Tested

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